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Dror Hen - Finance Planner is an intensive fee from profit only private fund manager which prides himself on unparalleled service and performance.

The need for investment. Why people invest? People invest for two reasons. The first is to maintain the value of their money, and the second is to make a profit.

People save money because they have an income which is higher than their lifestyle expenses, or because they keep money aside for rainy days. Their saved money is always invested in some form of investment. When you have your money in a form of your local currency, such as in your checking, savings account or cash you actually invested in that a currency. In this case, the value of your investment fluctuates along with the value of that currency. So, keeping your money in your local currency form would be a bad idea in times this currency does not do well.

Let's see an example. A fifty years old man who manages to save 200k for rainy days and keep it at a bank CD earn about 2.00% annually. If in this period gold for an example did 10%, the person loses 8% of a possible return of his 200k, or 18k, just for the luxury to feel safe.

The problem. The investment world offers many investment opportunities. It is not surprising then that investors are confused when they come to choose the best investment for their needs. One rule of a thumb of investment is, the more potential reward the instrument offer, the riskier it is likely to be. The evaluation of the instrument with respect to its potential reward vs its risk is a challenging task for professional investors and often impossible for the private investor like yourself. It is so because, unlike potential reward, there is not a clear method to express the risk which any instrument has. So the prospective investor does not have sufficient information to understand the investment which he considers so he remains unable to correctly decide how to invest.

Our comparative advantages. I and my team are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for investing. Our service is tailored to our investor’s personality and risk tolerance. After we study the investor, we recommend him an investment opportunity which we believe fits him. Unlike common hedge funds, who manage all investors fund in the same way with the same potential reward and risk, we have a few instruments so we can match investors to investments. Our intensive fee from profit only approach suggests that your interest is ours are the same, we cannot profit unless we profit you. We do not benefit in a case of losing period, nor do we benefit, of course, from recommending our perspective any investment which does not yield. In fact, poor performance might cause us to lose our investor and damage our reputation. The only way for us to succeed is to keep our investor profitable for 10, 20 years or more. To accomplish this, we put our investor's interest first.

Our Commitment  We treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee realistic and honest suggestion for the best of our abilities at the time. We will lead you on a course to financial gain and will solve all your investment concerns for good. Our years of experience and notable expertise play for your favor. So will be any additional expertise which we will acquire the future.


Our close engagement with the financial world on the ongoing bases makes sure that we use the best instruments available in the financial market in any given time, with us you are confident that you have been offered the most yielding instrument that fit your situation what keeps you most possible confident.

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